Boudoir: Responsive website

The owners of the French bistro Chez Moi in Brooklyn decided to create an opulent rococo speakeasy in honor of Marie Antoinette. Once you find the hidden entrance inside of Chez Moi, this is what awaits you…

Chez Moi is a laid-back eatery serving classic French bistro fare & creative cocktails in snug, brick-walled digs. In the fall of 2015, the owners decided to open up an elaborate speakeasy with a concealed entrance from inside the restaurant, completely renovated in the opulent Rococo style of the Palace of Versailles and specifically Marie Antoinette's Boudoir. Here one can enjoy hand crafted cocktails in a sensually lit, intimate environment. That is if you can figure out how to get through the bookcase… The beautiful photography is by the very talented Nicole Franzen.
Below, please find screen shots of the smart phone version of this responsive site:
Above: Flowers by Ingrid Carozzi at Tin Can Studios.
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