‘Escargot’ is an iPad app that guides you through the steps which culminate in the delectable dish - from foraging, cleaning, cleansing and recycling shells, to flavoring the snails with court bouillon and prepping herb butter. To get you off to a great start, ‘Escargot’ recommends wine pairings, both for cooking and imbibing. ‘Escargot’ is presented within the framework of its inception – unexpectedly from rural 1980’s Sweden – as experienced by the author, Susanne Cerha:
"The escargot dish my mother prepared has ultimately come to be the one against which I measure all others. I cannot help it. Wild snails in small quantities, hand raised and cleansed, carefully cooked with selected quality ingredients and spices – grown in our own garden – then grilled to perfection. Few can boast this experience."
Intrepid locavores will find this guide invaluable when exploring the multitude of options available when prepping escargot.
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