This is the fifth album by Bad Radiator, aptly named V (the previous album was simply named IV). All photos by Micael Engström.

The band Grace (which wrote the song/soundtrack theme “Ingen kan älska som vi” in 1988) was re-formed in 2011 as the band Bad Radiator  this time with main songwriter and keyboardist Mikael Lundgren handling the vocals. Former singer Krister Linder isn’t on board as he has a performer career in the US now. Bad Radiator members are Klas Bergvall on guitars, drummer Roger Hansson and Janne Persson on bass and conductor.

To deal with Mikael's long lyrics in a visually pleasing way, we created a way of indicating the chorus only once. It has been reused in most albums.

The flow of blue is interrupted visually by a white spread.

The label features a full color hub cap.

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