Each project, whether digital or printed, has it's own unique organic journey. I identify the various possibilities that lie before you, mapping out the path for us to collectively travel until the job is delivered to satisfaction.
ALEX Awards, Best Boxed Set Overall Design: Miles Davis, In A Silent Way
HOW International Design Annual: Miles Davis, In A Silent Way
Macromedia: Flash Site of The Day, Sony Classical
Macromedia: Groundbreaking Flash Site, Sony Classical
PRINT’s Regional Design Annual; Miles Davis, In A Silent Way
Gold, Telly Award: Miles Davis, The Essential, DR TV Spot
Nominated by AIGA for Best Designer under 30 (2004)

Foundation for the Graphic Industry: Grant, Sweden

Guest speaker and host for the SACCNY 15th Anniversary Tuesday Club, NYC
The Wilde Years exhibition: Album covers from Sony Music years
AHO, School of Architecture in Oslo, Norway: Two-day lecture in Design for Interactive Media and Typography at Master level
Box Kite, Australia: featuring Type Is Art
Rotovision: Font The Book, featuring Type Is Art
Buffalo Rising Magazine: Type Is Art
Buffalo News: Type Is Art
PRINT Magazine: Type Is Art

Type Is Art: Exhibition at Space224 in Buffalo, NY
Dagens Industri, interview: ”This is where the interesting jobs are” (Swedish publication)
ATT:ENTION, interview: “The Woman behind the covers” 
(Swedish publication)
PRINT’s Regional Design Annual: Miles Davis, In A Silent Way
HOW International Design Annual: Miles Davis, In A Silent Way
MAG nr 11, 2001: Interview Scandinavian designer in NYC post 9/11 
(Norwegian publication)
New Talent Design: Worldwide publication

Further fun
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