Susanne Cerha is the creative force behind Silo Design Inc, a boutique graphic design business known for its personable approach and exceptional craftsmanship. With operations spanning though the Hudson Valley across two distinct locales – Dumbo, Brooklyn, and Cairo, New York – Susanne's work embodies a fusion of urban vibrancy and diverse cultural influences.
Susanne's talent was evident early on, earning her nominations for the AIGA's Best Designer under 30 in 2004 and graduating in the top 5% of her class each year from the School of Visual Arts (SVA), where she also received the prestigious Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Graphic Design. Her academic excellence was further recognized with honors scholarships and grants from institutions such as SVA and the Foundation for the Graphic Industry in Sweden.
Throughout her career, Susanne has garnered numerous accolades and recognition for her designs. Among her notable achievements are the prestigious Webby Award and multiple ALEX Awards, including Best Boxed Set Overall Design for Miles Davis' "In A Silent Way." Her prowess in digital design has been celebrated with accolades such as Macromedia and the Telly Award.
Silo Design boasts a rich portfolio with Susanne's design work prominently featured in esteemed publications and exhibitions worldwide. Susanne's mastery of typography has been celebrated in publications, where her designs have been highlighted for their artistic ingenuity.
As a guest speaker and host, Susanne has shared her insights and expertise at prestigious events, including the Sweden America Chamber of Commerce and as a visiting professor at AHO, School of Architecture in Oslo, Norway, where she delivered a compelling lecture on 'Design for Interactive Media and Typography' at the Master level. Susanne's impact on the global design community has been documented in publications such as Dagens Industri (Sweden) and ATT:ENTION (Norway), shedding light on her remarkable journey as a Scandinavian designer making waves in NYC.
In addition to her graphic design work, Susanne  have expanded their creative repertoire to include the design of garden plans for private individuals spanning from the bustling streets of Brooklyn to the serene landscapes of Cairo. Whether it's incorporating native plants, implementing sustainable practices, or designing innovative layouts, Susanne's garden designs reflect her commitment to enhancing the natural environment while meeting the unique needs and preferences of her clients.
"I excel in tackling design challenges with innovative, informed, and practical solutions. Your success drives my passion, as I am dedicated to leveraging my creative abilities to elevate your aspirations. My talent and extensive network of creatives serve as invaluable assets in delivering exceptional results. I take great pleasure in understanding both you and your business, ensuring that every visual and technical concept I develop is grounded in meticulous research. Each project, whether digital or printed, embarks on its own unique journey, guided by careful exploration of the myriad possibilities that lay before us. Together, we navigate this path, charting a course until the project reaches fruition to both our satisfaction."
Follow Susanne Cerha at The Modern Victorian Project on Instagram, where she shares her four acre upstate New York garden and surroundings. You may feel enticed to experience this place for yourself, in which case she will gladly host you via Airbnb.
When Susanne is not creating websites and logos, she plans beautiful gardens at Gardens by Silo.
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