In the heart of Sweden's enchanting Rosersberg Palace gardens, artist and forager Magdalena Cerha, embarked on a culinary journey like no other in the 1980s. Armed with an unwavering passion for nature's bounties and a keen artistic eye, Magdalena Cerha turned the lush palace grounds into her private haven for foraging. The treasure she sought, however, was not gold or gems but something far more elusive – snails. This is the remarkable story that unfolds in Escargot: From Palace Garden to Family Table, a delightful autobiographical recipe book brought to life by Magdalena's daughter, Susanne Cerha.

With heartfelt anecdotes, a mouthwatering recipe, and the vivid brushstrokes of a mother-daughter bond, Escargot is a heartwarming homage to the artistic spirit that thrives in the most unexpected places – even among the snails of a Swedish palace garden.

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