Mr. Gallagher, or Johnny as his friends call him, told me on our first meeting that the album incidentally was recorded in Brooklyn during hurricane Sandy. Amazingly they had power, and although nothing else in the city worked, they carried on and recorded the songs. The art direction followed that story; we tried to make the art appear as if it had truly weathered that storm.
Johnny Gallagher frequently performs in live spaces such as Rockwood Music Hall in New York. He has stated on multiple occasions that he is working on putting out a record – which we are now proud to present. Six Day Hurricane was released on January 15, 2016 via Rockwood Music Hall Recordings. The album was recorded over the course of a week (during hurricane Sandy) and includes nine songs, all of which he had previously performed live. Under the inspired and subtle production of Thad DeBrock, a team of local musicians was assembled to bring Johnny’s songs – which had previously only been played solo – to life in full band arrangements.
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