Lotus Sky are dedicated to helping clients discover themselves through the profound healing powers of cleansing/detoxification. In 2022, Lotus Sky received a new website along with this logo. The client, Hayat Al-Khulani, describes why her new logo is just perfect for her business:

The design is so beautiful, brilliantly clever, and captures what Lotus Sky is all about. There’s so much symbolism in the design that I truly love. 
There’s a smaller lotus flower found within the drops that form the larger/outer lotus flower. This reflects growth as well as our approach to health…both internal and external. The drops reflect the water used in my practice, as well as the essential oils now incorporated in my practice. The outer/larger drops also resemble new lotus buds, which reflect new beginnings. 
Your amazing talent and passion for what you do is abundantly evident in your work. Thank you!!!
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