Literally across from the new sprawling Navy Yard center sits this new wine shop, envisioned, built and curated by DUMBO's own Thérese Bruno-Cavallaro and Ben Cavallaro. They wanted a logo that ties the wine shop to its geographical location, the Brooklyn Navy Yard. We found a way to combine a bottle opener with a ship's anchor.

The square logo fills the square business card completely. A bold statement.

The back of the card displays the initials N W M with nautical flags.

Above is the narrowed-down version of our Pinterest mood board exercise; this is where I meet my clients on equal visual grounds to hone in on the direction. One can clearly see the connection between our pins and the end result.

The nautical flags are a short for Navy Wine Merchants. This was developed in conjunction with the logo, to be used in and around the store, the website, and wherever it can add to the brand.

Because social media drives many businesses, Silo always adapts the logo to look great across the most common platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

When the logo cannot be used, a 'word image' can come in handy. We created this one, using the same font and color as the main logo.

A stamp was created to use for the kraft paper bags.

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