We have worked with Rockwood Music Hall since its inception. Here is a brief overview of the many aspects of that collaboration.
Remember the Xerox machine? The iconic logo is based on the font Solstice, then re-worked, distressed and digitized. We were very inspired by welded iron, steam punk and NYC street art.
Business cards
This was the very first business card designed, when the club had just opened in 2005 and was comprised of just a single small space.
As the club expanded, there was a need for a multifunctional business card, showing all four stages of the club.
The Rockwood Music Hall Recordings label
Because every show is actually recorded (audio), Rockwood has an enormous volume of music stored. In 2013, it was only natural to begin to release music, and the logo was adapted for this as well.
Quite a few records have beed designed for Rockwood Music Hall Recordings. Here are a few that Silo designed. More can be found in the Music section of this website.
Exterior door decals
The buildings in which Rockwood took up housing have lots of glass. People kept walking into the wrong panes. Something had to be done. The doors had to be clearly marked, and fast.
Interior glass doors decals
People kept walking into glass panes inside the venue as well. We had to draw the eye to where to push/pull, so we used big decals to guide them.
Stage signage
Over the years Rockwood expanded to hold 1 bar/waiting area, and three stages. These had to be clearly marked, both on the exterior and within the club. Artists go on the stage every hour on the hour, and audiences need to know where to be.

The third stage – and bar – is actually downstairs, so this sign lets you know fast.

Once in the bar, time for libations. This is a 2-sided menu/2-up, so that the Rockwood staff easily could update it and print it at the office. Menus change often, so this level of convenience is very important.
Coming soon?
This logo was explored during a phase when Ken contemplated a cafe.
Door stamps
These were made to stamp the hands of club goers.
Custom rubber stamp tickets
In the early Rockwood days, elaborate handmade stamps were made for exclusive events, each unique and beautiful, and only to be used once.​​​​​​​ Ken Rockwood would personally stamp these tickets. These have become collector's items.
Concert posters
For special events, posters were made. The James Maddock one was done in old-fashioned luxurious letterpress none the less.
TV display box
Conceptual sketches of an exterior digital display showing tonight's shows.
For the Allen Street entrances.
For the Allen Street entrances.
For the Orchard Street entrance.
For the Orchard Street entrance.
Event postcards
Here is an example of a postcard that was made for a CMJ event at Rockwood (front and back).
Downtown Comes Uptown
Downtown Comes Uptown was an annual event when Rockwood showcased artists at the Lincoln Center. Below are examples of the media wall design, and promotional posters (both made custom for each individual event).
Venue presentation packet
Promotional pdf brochure with all the specs for the venue. Used to attract investors and by event planners.
Conceptual facade sketches
Because Rockwood's four spaces were spread out between two buildings, run floor-through and and have entrances on two streets, we made a pass at creating a unifying facade to better communicate to patrons that this indeed is one and the same venue. These were never realized, but rather represent a first step in the creative thinking around this challenge.

The Orchard Street entrance (Stage 3).

The Allen Street entrances (Stage 0, 1 and 2).

Awnings are friendlier on the wallet...
Awnings are friendlier on the wallet...
...so we tried a version.
...so we tried a version.
Expansion across the US
Attracting investors is way easier if the new location is explored and visualized. Vegas never happened, but here is an example of what this kind of work can look like. One parameter was that the existing facade could not be changed or removed. We could simply apply objects, in this case the logo in its Vegas edition.
View from Las Vegas Blvd.
View from Las Vegas Blvd.
The ticket booth.
The ticket booth.
The stair leads up...
The stair leads up...
...to the venue entrance on the 2nd floor.
...to the venue entrance on the 2nd floor.
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