Atlas Wine Merchants: Logo and businesscard
Wines from the World, with a focus on Italy and France is what this store in Bedford-Stuyvesant brings to the neighborhood. It is the brain child of Karl Wurst.
Boudoir: Logo and peripherals
When the French bistro Chez Moi on Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, decided to create an opulent rococo speakeasy in honor of Marie Antoinette, an ornate, classy yet intimate logo was needed. This one pays homage to the L'Autrichienne.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Rockwood Musichall: Multi-capacity business card
Sine Rockwood has grown over the years, all of four venues needed to be represented on this card.
Art DirectionGraphic Design
SHOV Shoes: Logo
Shov Shoes has come up with a very original 'wish bone' heel design. They wanted their icon to be two inter-connected wish bones, yet very clean and modern.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Brød & Cirkus: Logo and businesscard
The logo for this Norwegian restaurant draws inspiration from vintage circus signage. Brød & Cirkus translates to 'Bread & Circus' and the chef refers to himself as the 'Circus Director'.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Tea Happiness: Logo and businesscard
Sara Shacket is a Brooklyn tea lover who is always looking for a new tea adventure.
BrandingGraphic Design
SACCNY: Logo and businesscard Young Professionals
The Young Professionals chapter of the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce in New York got off to a fine start in the early 90's with this new logo; a classical yet light approach capped with a gilded royal nod.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Florence Montmare: Logo and Identity
Florence wanted many things, from Rokoko to Punk, to convey a white glove luxurious photography experience with a touch of European castle architecture. Well, we worked through all this and distilled this beautiful monogram-come-fashion-bug.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Anthony Two Moons: Logo
Anthony Two moons needed a logo to go with his work and stationery. He shoots both fine art and commercial still life with precision lighting, mainly for Estee Lauder.
BrandingGraphic Design
Vegan Good Things: Logo
Leinana Two Moon's is a self-taught vegan home cook, who loves to test recipes from vegan sources and veganize recipes from non-vegan sources. She wants to show everyone that vegan food can be just as delicious and creative as any other kind of food, even more so.
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Road To Recovery: Logo
The logo visualizes the meeting of minds and communication so vital to the individual and the coach Janique Icka Svedberg when embarking on the life-saving journey to recovery.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Haugum Product Design: Logo
Ragnhild used to model every one of her inventions by hand out of blue styrofoam. This notion of hands-on 3D modeling inspired the three D's in her logo.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Rockwood Music Hall: Logo family
On the lower east side of New York City, Rockwood Music Hall has ruled the live music scene for the past 10 years. The club was conceived by Ken Rockwood, the brain and song writer behind the duo Professor & Maryann. The main logo is used throughout the club on menus, posters, website, and stationery.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Downtown Comes Uptown at Lincoln Center
Rockwood Music Hall, Lincoln Center, and WFUV partner to spotlight four talented artists. These unique artists bring songs and stories of their everyday stomping grounds, the downtown club scene, to a new audience at Lincoln Center's David Rubenstein Atrium, as they perform selections of their work in a showcase hosted by WFUV radio personality Rita Houston.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Rockwood Music Hall: Custom concert tickets
In the early days of Rockwood Musichall, Mr. Ken Rockwood would personally stamp all the tickets for exclusive events. We created elaborate handmade stamps, each unique and beautiful, and only to be used once.
Art DirectionGraphic DesignIllustration
The Coppercrust Company: Logo
Sean and Nicole, the owners of The Coppercrust Company, approached Silo design to create their logo. In their bakery in York, PA, they had a blackboard and someone had drawn a logo there in white chalk by hand. That was all they had. Silo photographed it, then went back to the drawingboard and refined it. This warm yet elegant logo is the result and is now widely used by the owners for all their products.
BrandingGraphic DesignIllustration
Lotus Sky: Logo and business card
Lotus Sky is a wellness studio where health and beauty are viewed as intertwined pursuits. They are dedicated to helping clients discover themselves through the profound healing powers of cleansing/detoxification. The balance between internal and external health is reflected in the business card design. The outside is pure modern simplicity, balanced by a centered 'water well' surrounded by lotus flowers revealed once the card is fully opened.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
Bygg Emil: Logo, businesscard, car decal
Bygg Emil is a building contractor operating out of Vallentuna, Sweden.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
David M Spindel logo and stationery
David is the photographer most known for his work with John Lennon. He loves everything vintage, so we went with a great look perfect for letter press.
BrandingGraphic Design
Holly, Wood & Vine stationery
This is a logo and stationery set for the landscape architect firm Holly, Wood & vine, based in NYC.
Art DirectionBrandingGraphic Design
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