Ericka Rose, aka the Galloping Guru, is nationally known for creating great all around horses that get the job done, time and again. A proponent for natural horsemanship, Ericka earned her spurs under Pat Parelli, before building her own business in the East. Her business is built on many parts, with American fox hunting at its center (which focuses on the chase of coyotes, rather than the kill of foxes). She rescues, trains, leases and sells exceptional horses for this purpose.

We built Ericka's business website in Squarespace, with e-commerce, member's area and Scheduling enabled. Here, all her hunting partners and their upcoming events are listed. Each off-site event has the option of white-glove horse leasing and transportation. Ericka will match the rider to the horse and deliver it tacked up and ready to go. 

Preceding the website build was the design of the logo

On-site at Ericka's own facilities, she runs clinics, lessons, conditioning, after-school programs, youth camps and a pony pals program for the tiniest equestrians. Her daughter and business partner, Skylar Nolan, manages all on-site programs.

All photos are kindly provided by Helen Houghton.
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